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Tips to Be A Good Friend

good-friendsAt the point when pondering how to be a good friend you may believe it’s simple and nothing to stress over. However your friends can be probably the most essential individuals to you and you have to guarantee you treat them right and regard them. The following are the fundamental things to recall when considering how to be a decent companion :

# Don’t over do it

It might be pleasant to have heaps of companions and individuals you are close with yet it is ideal to have less individuals you invest more energy and exertion with than a great deal that you just put a large portion of the exertion into. In the event that you concentrate on these dear companions you will recover the same from them.

# Make time

Make sure you always have time for your friends and are not constantly busy when they ask you to do things. Also, be fair when it comes to instigating meeting up, if it is a one way relationship they will start to feel you are not interested in the friendship anymore and give up.

# Listen

Always listen when they have problems they want to share and always have a supportive opinion. There is nothing worse than someone telling all their problems then not listening to other people’s problems. Make them feel like they can tell you anything whenever and you will be there for them.

# Trust

This is a massive key point when aiming to be a good friend. There is nothing worse than having a friend you can’t trust. Always make an effort to ensure they know they can trust you and you can keep any secret they tell you.

# Treat them well

always treat your friends how you wish to be treated. Don’t boss them around or be rude to them, remember they are your friends and you shouldn’t speak to your friends in this way. Also, don’t have favorites within a friendship group; this will just cause unnecessary drama and jealousy within the group and lead to arguments.

# Honesty

always be honest with your friends. If you have a problem with something or something they are doing make sure you speak to them about it before it flairs up and leads to an argument. The longer you hold things in for, the more tense it will get when it eventually comes out.

# Look out for them

This doesn’t need to be at any specific time because you should always be looking out for your friends. An example of this could be if you are out drinking and your friend gets too drunk, you are always there for them and making sure they are ok and get home safe. This will make your friend respect you and appreciate you.